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We help brands break into the world’s most explosive industry

Kairos Group is the global gaming media company that helps brands to break into the world’s most explosive industry. The Group comprises multiple entities across talent management, creative agency services, social publishing, esports, commerce, technology and more. Led by experts with decades of gaming and media industry experience, Kairos has been producing cutting-edge creative campaigns since its inception.

What makes the group so unique is how each entity offers different revenue streams that complement each other through cross selling, knowledge sharing and operational efficiency. The group has also evolved in recent years to incorporate technology, IP and proprietary software to give the companies a competitive edge; from tournament software, Kairos Versus, to data-led platform, Kairos Insight.

Kairos Media
Kyma Media
EST. 2015

Kairos Media is a social-first creative agency, specialising in delivering global gaming & esports strategy for some of the biggest brands on the planet.

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EST. 2018

Kyma Media is a content syndication-focused digital media owner, with expertise in the gaming, sports and entertainment industries.

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EST. 2020

Specialising in service-led management and optimising talent revenue streams for gaming streamers and content creators, Turopium is amongst the fastest growing talent management agencies in the world.

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EST. 2021

A product development hub and technology incubator, Kairos Ventures is the brains behind this decade’s most exciting creator-led products including FootyCrate and Cafune.

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